All classes are non-competitive.

Stretch It Like Yoga is an early morning class for those who want to strengthen, stretch and tone muscles. The class will help with flexibility as well as protecting from injury. As with our other indoor classes (20:25, CoreBall and HOOPIT), this class is also run to music.

PowerWalk is a great introduction to NIXERCISE. The outdoor classes involve a strong 45 minute walking workout with a few extras to strengthen and tone along the way. The sessions build fitness, strength, stamina and flexibility. 

BodyWeight is a highly effective full body workout using your own bodyweight and the natural outdoor terrain. Expect to run, plank and lunge up hills, around logs and through the meadows. Not only fun, the classes will help you to become the fittest you can possibly be.

IN30 is a high intensity full body workout involving a fun and fast 30 minute blast in the great outdoors.

20:25 is an indoor class combining a high intensity boxing workout to energetic sounds, followed by a soothing yogic stretch. The class is an effective fusion of cardio and flexibility.  

CoreBall is an indoor class which involves a strong abdominal workout to music, with a yogic stretch to finish. This is a highly effective workout targeting the core!

HOOPIT is a strong abdominal workout to music using a hula hoop, and with a lot of laughter! 

JOGIT is a fast paced walking and jogging class. This is NOT a running class, it is for those who wish to mix up their power walking with some jogging too. All participants will be required to jog for 30 seconds without stopping.

Hosted sessions are designed for those who want to train with friends/family at a venue of their choice (subject to trainer availability). The sessions are tailor made and further details are available on request.


9.15am - BodyWeight - Wittenham Clumps
10.15am - PowerWalk - Wittenham Clumps

9.15am - IN30 - Streatley Hill (30 minutes)
6.15pm - HOOPIT (indoor class) - Moulsford Pavilion (30 minutes) (NEW CLASS)
7.00pm - 20:25 (indoor class) - Moulsford Pavilion

9.15am - Stretch it Like Yoga (indoor class) - Moulsford Pavilion
10.15am - FirstRUN - Moulsford - beginners running class for those wanting to work up to 5K (NEW CLASS) (starting 24 January - 4 week trial)
6.15pm - HOOPIT (indoor class) - Moulsford Pavilion (30 minute class)
7.00pm - 20:25 (indoor class) - Moulsford Pavilion

9.15am - BodyWeight FAF (fast and furious) - Wittenham Clumps
9.15am - PowerWalk - Wittenham Clumps

8.45am - IN30 - Wittenham Clumps (30 minute class)
9.30am - PowerWalk - Wittenham Clumps


20:25 (indoor class) £9
CoreBall (indoor class) £9
Stretch It Like Yoga - 45 minutes (indoor class) £9
PowerWalk £8.50
BodyWeight £8.50
JOGIT £8.50
CoreBall - 30 minutes (indoor class) £8
HOOPIT - 30 minutes (indoor class) £8
IN30 - 30 minutes £7.50
ADD-ON £12 per class (add classes to your current training schedule)


Classes are run on a termly basis and paid for in advance (terms run in line with state schools). Our FLEXI-PASS costs £155, the pass gives complete freedom to join any class on any day from any venue with the exception of the hosted classes. The FLEXI is purchased termly.